Coda File System

Re: stranger and stranger: ctoken goes away when I cd to /coda

From: Bradley C. Kuszmaul <bradley_at_GRANITE.SYSTEMSX.CS.YALE.EDU>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 10:05:54 -0400
   Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 18:59:28 -0400 (EDT)
   From: "Peter J. Braam" <>
   Back to your logs. The Server log you sent is interesting because it

   > 16:33:01 Could not get a valid key in GetKeysFromToken

   This routine is executed as part of the binding, and you see that RPC call
   being made in venus/, line 437.  This file also immediately shows
   that your token will be dropped if the server returned an error. This
   explains why you have lost your token.

   It seems pretty clear that all trouble is on the server, where the call
   GetKeysFromToken is failing. 

   It would be interesting to know what the flow of control is in the routine
   GetKeysFromToken (auth2/

   If you built your own srv (for example by rebuilding the rpm then there is
   a srv with debugging symbols in
   If you fire that up and attach gdb to it, could you put a break on 
   and tell me how you flow through the routine:
    1) is Key1IsValid True of False
    2) does the decryption fail

Key1IsValid is 1
Key2IsValid is 1
the decryption fails for both Key1 and Key2 (it does not jump to "Gotit")

I little more investigation indicates that Key1 is being correctly
read from by SetServerKeys(), but by the time
GetKeysFromToken() is called, the Key1 value has changed to some
incorrect value.  Since Key1 is declared static and its address is not
taken, I can't figure out how it is being modified...


Received on 1997-08-29 10:10:31