Coda File System


From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:24:11 -0400
Tagged, built and pushed the binaries yesterday, but had not had a
chance to write an announcement yet so here it is.

Coda-6.9.10 has been released. And within the week which indicates, yes
a problem in the 6.9.9 codebase. There is a packing bug on rpc2 replies
that contain an array of structures, which is suprisingly uncommon in
the client-server protocol so only the Reintegrate call was affected and
it could lead to the client not invalidating/refetching locally cached
objects that were updated on the server during reintegration.

Pulled in a couple of other fixes while I was at it,

    - Add to distributed source tarballs.
    - Clean some old cruft from coda-client-setup.
    - When configuring --client-only or --server-only only install
      the relevant systemd unit files.
    - Make sure we depend on RPC2-2.13.

    - Fix RPC2_EncryptionKey argument for pack_encryptionKey function.
    - Limit upper bound of BoundedBS allocation to RPC2_MAXPACKETSIZE.
    - Validate an incoming packet buffer is large enough to contain
      the trailing '\0' on packed string data.
    - Correctly pack arrays of struct in response messages.

Received on 2016-09-30 12:24:24