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Re: How to get a token after installing Aetey server?

From: <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2016 17:24:46 +0200
Hello Karl-Philipp,

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 12:30:33AM +0200, Karl-Philipp Richter wrote:
> I installed Aetey server 2.1-6.9.5 with `sudo
> ./coser-2.1-6.9.5-linux-ia32-4.bin /vice 1024 [domain name]` and tried
> to get a token with `clog realmadmin/default@[domain name]` which fails
> due to `Invalid login (RPC2_NOTAUTHENTICATED (F)).` with the password
> `changeme` and to change this password with `cpasswd [domain name]
> realmadmin` which fails due to `bind failed; user unauthenticated`. This
> leaves me with no ideas how to get a coda token.

Some basic questions, just to make sure I have the same perspective as
you do:

- does "[domain name]" resolve to the ipv4-number of the computer running
the server?

- do you issue the clog command using Aetey's or upstream Coda client?

- is the above your exact clog command (literally cut&paste, modulo
  obfuscation of the realm name)?

- are all the server processes running (codasrv, update..., authd-auth2)?

The clog error message implies that there is no account called "realmadmin".

This is quite strange given that the setup script creates the account,
otherwise you should have encountered error messages during server setup.

Have you got a transscript of your server installation dialogue?

What do the commands on the server

 /vice/bin/pdbtool list
 /vice/bin/pdbtool i realmadmin


Is there any information in /vice/auth2/AuthLog ?

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