Coda File System

Re: pkgsrc patches

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 09:53:55 -0800
On Wednesday 28 January 2015 08:48:37 Greg Troxel wrote:
> For portability, the problem is that it only runs on NetBSD and Linux,
> as far as I know.

That is most likely true at the current time, but there is code that
exits that, with a little work, could get Coda running on Windows
again.   Also,  I seem to remember that there was a 32-bit version
of a kernel module for Solaris.   I was looking for a copy of the
sources, but I haven't worked with them for quite a while.  I'm 
sure Jan could look for them.     I don't know if it would be easier
to write a FUSE driver or to get the Solaris kernel module updated.
Using FUSE is possibly the better long term solution.


Phil Nelson,
Received on 2015-01-28 12:59:26