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Re: ulocoda on OS X

From: <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 21:47:38 +0100
>> You do not ever install anything which is available in Dapty,
>> you just use the stuff available there, including the standard libraries.
> "dapty"?

This is a collection of runnable programs residing on Coda (or for that
matter on any file system with a global name space, e.g. AFS).

Unfortunately today there is no anonymous version to test (there used
to be one, placed on AFS as a proof of concept, but the server was taken
down later and never reinstated).

Anyone with proper credentials (tell me if you need an account)
can run applications of her choice on any computer supporting
Coda - or AFS or DFS or even NFS4 when it will work properly :)
but Coda is best.

The only thing necessary to run an application besides the Coda
access credentials is the knowledge of the path to the binary to start,
otherwise the path to a "milieu" where you can choose programs by name,
say in a shell, the names are then resolved to a suitable [architecture and]
version. A "milieu" is thus a unit of software environment administration
(say, to apply policies like "stable-unstable-experimental") instead of a
"computer" which is the traditional unit of administration (by means of
"installation", i.e. copying - to the contrary in Dapty choice is done
by reference, not by copy).

When you have chosen your milieu or/and cherry-picked exact versions
of certain applications, it is yours everywhere, on any host, no
computer administration involved (and you are independent of the host
administrator, as long as she has installed a Coda client).

Both xterm, the text editor I am typing this in, the MUA and the MTA
are all run directly from Coda and do not depend on any host-local
libraries or fonts or something. The services on the mailserver
relaying my mail is also run from Coda.

Given Ulocoda I would be totally independent of the local host
administrator even for Coda access, all I need would be a processor
and a kernel API known to Dapty - and my own venus/terra binary,
the only thing to have locally.

Dapty is actually a product name, the technical concept we (the guys
at Aetey) call "zero locality". You may if you wish take a look at or may be
I think you will be able to see the technical stuff there and filter
out the rest :)

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