Coda File System

Google Summer of Code 2013

From: <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 21:26:29 +0100
Hello Satya, Jan, everyone,

I believe Coda can gain both new features and better world awareness about
its existence if we'd participate in GSoC.

I volunteer for mentoring.

My task proposal would be the low hanging but extremely useful fruit of
porting UloCoda (User-land-only-Coda) from MacOS X to Linux (uClibc or
glibc). This should be quite straightforward and reasonable in complexity
and size.

(a more challenging task would be to port this to Windows, not sure
whether this is feasible, someone with deep Windows skills would be
necessary to approach this and to be a mentor)

Another more complicated task would be to implement and test moving
server_id-to-ip_number-resolution out of the Coda server (which has
always been a wrong place...) to DNS. I have already much of the
relevant code but is has to be integrated and tested. (This would be a
backward-compatible change but a quite serious one)

Another one is the old idea of supporting multiple backup volume
generations. I did not look closer at this one but it may be of
suitable complexity.

I can be available as a mentor (or a stand-in one) for some other task
too. I would like to avoid though being the contact person for Google
(the so called administrator).

Participation in GSoC would need an administrator (and a backup for this
function) and a mentor for each task, backup one(s) too.

I guess a suitable introductory reading is

Your ideas/proposals? Anyone standing as a mentor?

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