Coda File System

Re: New work on Coda for Summer 2011

From: Georg Drees <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 11:35:03 +0200
Hello Phil,

* On 16 June 2011 20:06, Phil Nelson <> wrote:
> [...] The Appliance can run Linux, the primary platform for Coda [...]
>    7) Anything that might make this more useful to you that is not mentioned
> here?

I would see this as a nice opportunity to give things like Dapty (a
Linux software
environment distributed via Coda; a (virtual) kick start
on non-Linux
operating systems.
Sorta like a modern QEMU-Puppy :-)

>    2) How important is the desktop on the appliance?  Is the assumption
> that all it would be used for is just the coda utilities (clog, codacon,
> and so forth) or would a fully functional Linux VM be the better way
> to go with Gnome and all that it offers?   (A full Gnome installation
> would cause a much larger VM image similar to the test appliance listed
> above.)

Xorg should be included. Probably also a light window manager like IceWM
and a good terminal emulator in case the console is acting/looking too
weird in the VM.
Gnome seems to be overkill to me, but that might just be personal preference.

For the console, please do include 'screen'.

>    5) How important is having storage space available for the "user" in
> the appliance.  The proof of concept appliance has 300Megs of user storage
> available.  Is this too much or not enough?

The user should save documents(?) to either their coda realm or the host system.

That leaves the question about the venus cache which I can only comment on,
that at the moment with Dapty I use around 500MB of 2GB assigned maximum.
The reasonable solution, as Paulo Casanova has already mentioned, seems to
be to assign a virtual drive and allow the user to tweak the size themselves for
the long run.

>    6) Would people find it useful to have a choice of a small, no gnome
> appliance with limited user space (the goal is to have 500Megs or smaller
> total appliance) and a large, full gnome installation with 4G (or more)
> virtual disk available for user use? (e.g. virtual disk of 8G as compared
> to 4G in the current appliance.)

Definitely! I would, however, favor a medium size.
So the ideal constellations in my view would be:

Small: console-only; used as a coda-windows-bridge (for a single user
only?). 512 MB maximum (fits small thumb drive and CD)
Medium: + xorg + light wm/desktop; usable also as a "thick client"
with a reasonable venus cache. Maximum 1GB or
               2 GB (about half of a cheap thumb drive to allow for
document storage)?
(And maybe also:
 Large: + Gnome/other heavy DE. 6-8GB total size seems reasonable in a
"save it on the Desktop if you want to" scenario.)

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