Coda File System

Using Coda in a distributed LVS system

From: Neil Aggarwal <>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 10:46:16 -0500
Hello all!

I am a CMU alum and I came across the Coda file system while
researching the Linux Virtual Server for a project.  I was
excited to find it since I was very impressed with AFS.

I have been reading the docs and came up with the attached 
diagram for my system. 
Note: There are two pages to the PDF file.  The second page
gives some supporting text for the diagram.

While developing the diagram, I came across some questions:

1. Does the SCM need to run on a Coda server?
  My web servers need to share static web files.  My other
  servers do not need access to them.
  Currently, I chose one of the database servers to run
  the SCM.  Would it be better to put it on one of the
  web servers?  I want to keep the web servers as clean
  as possible since they are going to be low power and
  should only be serving web requests.

2. Is it possible to run more than one SCM in a
  master/slave setup? 
  Right now, if the SCM fails, someone has to manually
  reconfigure the network with a new SCM.  I would prefer
  to find an automatic solution if possible.

If anyone has any additional suggestions on the architecture,
please let me know.  I appreciate anything you have to offer.


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