Coda File System

Re: Using Coda in a "Distributed Office"

From: Francesco Pedron <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 19:24:51 +0100
> Coda is not doing this - it builds instead on a limited set of
> carefully-administered-together servers and an unlimited set of freely
> (un)administered clients (like workstations).
Hi Rune and thank you for your answer.

Ok, so our initial idea is impossible to realize with Coda.

I try to esplain some other of our ideas in detail; escuse me if I 
insist but we can't find anything suitable, so we are trying to adapt 
something that already exists, since we doesn't have endless resources 
and time :) :

- we would make servers only with a fraction of office's computers (is 8 
the highest value with coda?)
- office's computer will never be turned off but only go to sleep and 
they could be waked up with Wake up On Lan
- we would manage sleep of the office's computer in a distributed way 
with a costum app, and servers would go to sleep all togheter only when 
no other "client" is logged in to his desktop
- when the whole office is in sleep and a client is waked up it will 
wake up all the servers with a Wake up On Lan
- if the SCM crashes another server will take is place and the server 
and client daemons restarted in this way:
or this: (will it work?)

Failures shouldn't be so common :)

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