Coda File System

Using Coda in a "Distributed Office"

From: Francesco <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 13:52:53 +0100
Hi everybody, I want to start saying that I'm totally new to Coda.

Here in Italy, in a small university's project, we are trying to make a
"distributed office". It's a part of a specific linux distribution that we
are developing.
We would like to have file distributed and replicated on each computer of
the office without using a central file server.
So we are thinking about making each office's computer at the same time a
server and a client of a coda file system. In this way data should be
replicated in all the office computers and if a computer is damaged we can
change it with a new one (configured correctly) and it will take all the
data from the Coda file system and became a new server and client of it.

Me and another couple of guys are the ones that should take care of
that "distributed office" and, before we start to play with Coda, we would
like to know if, in your opinion, what we would like to do is possible  with

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