Coda File System

A new use for coda?

From: Zetas <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 10:40:24 -0400 (EDT)
So i run a free shell server with a few other guys, we are doing some things
pretty new and unheard of in the community. One of which is allowing members to
login to any of the server nodes (currently we have 2 in different parts of the
world) and have replicated home directories and a common login using ldap+pam.
The home directory replication is something we haven't solved yet. I know a
simple rsync in cron would do the job but we wanted something more robust and
flexible, NFS is too slow over open internet, as are most other shared/clustered
fs options like GFS2, etc.

A friend pointed me to coda and i started reading guides and how-to's and began
setting it up on test boxes. As of now i have it "kinda" setup with clients able
to connect and authenticate, add files, remove files, etc. BUT i think i have
something setup wrong somewhere, when i delete a file on one system, it doesnt
get deleted it other places even after waiting, sometimes files added dont show
up either, even small text files. I find myself having to restart both venus on
the client and coda on the server to get any updates to take effect. Large files
that are transferred seem to go pretty quick (at least by NFS standards) and
transfer at a rate of about 10MB/Minute, but when they show up (turning from 0
file size to the full file size on the client) i get an input/output error when
i try to read or copy them off the /coda share.

I've been using linux long enough to know the problem is most likely on my end,
but here is what we are working with.

3 servers: 1 thats the primary SCM and does nothing but house the files and
config, 1 in USA thats a client node and 1 in Europe thats also a client node.

If connecting to see what happens helps you should be able to connect to the
realm username:zetas pass:changeme and get any debug data
that way, otherwise ask what is needed and ill post.

My main question beyond the weird problems i'm having is, is my situation a good
fit for coda? Does coda work well in a production environment where there is no
"lan" available?

Received on 2010-07-23 10:59:19