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Re: novice kind of question - replication

From: pawel eljasz <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 12:48:23 +0100
thanks Don,
this is not the issue for my setup here, not DNS, I don't think so,
at the time when non-SCM server is trying to fetch data(during non-SCM 
vice-setup), this appears in UpdateSrvLog on SCM:

16:10:45 Access denied to file db/ROOTVOLUME

and above file does not even exist, vice-setup does not create it
is it something I need to create manually?

can anybody point me to some readings on Replication, manual and howtos 
don't work for me
VSGDB file is another one that has to be created manually?
and I really cannot figure out its syntax from the manual


On 13/04/10 19:54, root wrote:
> Greetings Pawel:
> I am having the same problem.  However, I discovered that one of the 
> engineers working in our sandbox/testing environment changed the rDNS 
> (ip address to hostname lookup) of our non-SCM server prior to my 
> non-SCM installation testing -- the old hostname works, and the 
> hostname set on the server and all configuration is still the same, 
> but the rDNS doesn't match.
> This may be the issue for us as coda may be pulling in and trying to 
> use this information "some how".  Anyway, we're going to simply 
> flatten and install from scratch on this new domain (technically 
> arbitrary; selected as a business decision) and see if that resolves 
> our problem (I love that pun).
> Regarding the documentation, it is understood to be not ready for 
> novice instruction, but it's all we got.  Most everything can be 
> updated via here or via the wiki itself, and any contributions are 
> appreciated.
> Regards,
> -Don
> {void}
> pawel eljasz writes:
>> dear all, have just subscribed, apologies for lame nature of the 
>> question.
>> following the manual (which is by the way quite chaotic from any 
>> novice perspective) I try set up
>> second server in the cell for replication purposes, right?
>> first setup on SCM box goes seemingly ok, the second server's 
>> vice-setup results in:
>> ...
>> ....
>> Enter the update token that matches SCM $_yourserver: $mytoken
>> Fetching needed files from SCM $_yourserver
>> 09:36:19 Fetch failed with Permission denied
>> Done.
>> Now installing things specific to non-SCM machines...
>> ...
>> ..
>> and it proceeds further, till the end with no more errors nor warnings.
>> but is this normal?
>> cheers
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