Coda File System

Re: SCM promotion

From: root <>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 18:37:45 -0700
> On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 04:44:10AM -0700, root wrote:
>> >    /vice/vol/VRList. 
> This file is kept in sync on all servers of a realm,
> if you installed with "coser".

I did!  So that file need not be touched. 

>> >If you have a copy of that file on another server, the other server
>> >can replace the SCM. The /vice/db/scm file needs to be updated on
>> >all servers, and the updateclnt/updatesrv daemons need to be
>> >restarted (/etc/rc.d/init.d/update.init restart)
> Note that the contents of /vice/db/scm is compared to the contents
> of /vice/hostname which is used as the server name in the context
> of the Coda realm. This is valid for "coser" installations.

This is unclear to me.  I do see that my coser based install of coda/vice 
server does, in fact, have both a vice/db/scm and a vice/hostname, and they 

>> Is this still true in general, but specifically for modular-clog based 
>> deployments? 
> You mean probably the "coser" installer, clog is not relevant in this
> context.

Indeed.  I will use the "coser" term in the future (and "cocli" I suppose 
for the client). 

>> Which hosts must the updateclnt/updatesrv daemons be restarted?  I assume 
>> the newly promoted SCM and any remaining coda server (vice) hosts, but I 
>> wish to be certain. 
> All server hosts in the realm need the update daemons to be (re)started
> after the modification of the /vice/db/scm files. It is best to take all
> of them down before any modifications and start when all modifications
> are done. Otherwise you have to understand how they interact and in which
> cases they might overwrite your modifications on the fly.

Makes sense.  Assuming our SCM is DOWN for the count, what is the 
update/bounce order to permit zero downtime SCM promotion of one of the peer 

Just to be certain, to update the update daemons on coser, all that need be 
done is a vice/bin/updateservice restart, correct?  (or a stop & start if 
we're running commands between the point that the update daemons are down 
and the time they are up). 

> Actually if you want to change which host is the scm while all servers
> are up, make the change of /vice/db/scm on the former scm, wait to let
> the change propagate and then restart the update daemons everywhere. Done.

Assumes that we have an SCM.  I'm assuming that our SCM is dead and 
irrepairable.  What's the easy-peasy way of promoting a new SCM without 

I suppose we must assume that there are 2 non-SCM coda servers up and 
running to permit a non-downtime promotion. 

Honestly, though, what breaks if the update daemon is down for a few seconds 
while we take them all down, update and start them again? 

Thanks as always! 

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