Coda File System

SCM promotion

From: root <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 04:44:10 -0700
Greetings all: 

Once upon a time (y2k, in fact), it was said (via a google cache) that one 
could promote a non-SCM coda server to SCM by the following process: 

> There is only one file which is currently still `unique' to the SCM, 
>     /vice/vol/VRList. 
> If you have a copy of that file on another server, the other server
> can replace the SCM. The /vice/db/scm file needs to be updated on
> all servers, and the updateclnt/updatesrv daemons need to be
> restarted (/etc/rc.d/init.d/update.init restart)

Is this still true in general, but specifically for modular-clog based 

Which hosts must the updateclnt/updatesrv daemons be restarted?  I assume 
the newly promoted SCM and any remaining coda server (vice) hosts, but I 
wish to be certain. 

While on the subject of disaster recovery, what is the best solution for 
backing up coda (/vice)? 

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