Coda File System

Re: modular clog + kerberos

From: root <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 03:08:16 -0800
Greetings all: 

>>> Regardless, I'll start converting my command line into codaauth2.conf 
>>> (and perhaps .codafs/clog/pref if it's worth doing).   

I have fixed the DNS SRV records, so the krb and tokens entries have been 
striken, however, it appears the following have to be in both codaauth2 and 
authmethod = kerberos5
methodopts { krb5realm = KERBEROS.REALM
methodopts { krb5service { coda/coda.realm 

NOTE:  I know this syntax is incorrect, I'm simply displaying linear 
container hierarchy to provide scope for the end config option. 

Is there any way to push these settings to dns, or at least push them to 
codaauth2 only?  I'm sure there is some distinction between codaauth2 and 
pref that I as yet do not understand. 

yes, I know coda/ is non-standard, and I wouldn't need it if I used 
codaauth, but I'd still like to know why this can't be set in codaauth2 and 
striken from pref. 

Most important, is it at all possible to define the keytab in codaauth2 or 
pref?  Is there a default location that the keytab is looked for by clog? 

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