Coda File System

Restore failed.

From: Marc Schlinger <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 20:45:20 +0200

I'm still going futher in testing coda.
I'm having trouble on restoring a dump, whereas this morning i didn't 
have any problems.

First I wrote a script to create a dump, here is the output
All the command are excecuted on the SCM.

# -v test --verbose
volutil lock 01000008
volutil backup 01000008
volutil dump 0100000e /tmp/test-F-19h07m20-300609

Volume_backup_id = 0100000e
backup_path = /tmp/test-F-19h07m20-300609

Now i try to restore the dump.:
# volutil restore -f  /tmp/test-F-19h07m20-300609 /vicepa
V_BindToServer: binding to host
ReadDump: Error RPC2_SEFAIL2 (F) in CheckSideEffect

# tail -n2 /vice/srv/SrvLog
19:08:48 ReadStuff: ReadDump failed RPC2_SEFAIL3 (F).
19:08:48 Error reading dump header; aborted

I didn't manage to discover what i'm doing wrong?
Have you got an idea?


Received on 2009-06-30 14:48:17