Coda File System

Re: Problems with replication on two servers.

From: Marc SCHLINGER <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:59:51 +0200
You wrote :
	This problem stems quite certainly from one of the original assumptions
	of Coda design - the servers are treated as well-connected to each other,
	in contrast to the clients which may have unreliable connections.

So, after other test, I ask you if coda is designed for mobility I mean:

Let's take the assumption, we work in multi-site environnement.
For different reason we don't want any stream from our users to go by our vpn, (dedicated inter-site line 99% of avaibility).
So each site handles his coda server (one handle the scm).
Some users because they move a lot between each site use a laptop and have their volume replicated.

Once their are in a site they can only join the server of this site.
I didn't manage to have a client working., this way.

Can coda handle this scheme? Are the volumes the only things that can move around? Or can
a client move from one server to another?

You wrote:
	The developers' resources are limited, so your best bet would be to join
	the development. Unfortunately the "entry threshold" is quite high
	because of the code being complex and still reflecting the years of
	research-oriented programming.

It would be an honor for me to join the dev-team but I don't think I meet the
quality requierment.

Thanks a lot.

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