Coda File System

bleeding edge Coda packages at Aetey

From: <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 10:26:37 +0100
Hello All,

for information, the Coda client and server installers at -> Getting Started -> Coda File System HowTo


have been updated to the latest Coda version from git
(on the Valentine's Day :) incorporating some nice bugfixes.

For those of you feeling cautious there are also packages corresponding
to the release 6.9.4.

To download the 6.9.4 version you have to manually choose the corresponding
binary name, there are no explicit links.
You would need to replace the substring 20090214 in the name with 6.9.4.

Enjoy Coda and the installers!

Rune for Aetey
Received on 2009-02-16 04:27:46