Coda File System

Happy New Year, Coda-6.9.4 is released

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 16:41:43 -0500
A very happy new year to everyone,

And to begin the new year, a new Coda release is out and there are
updates for everything Coda related,

    Coda-6.9.4, LWP-2.5, RPC2-2.8 and RVM-1.16

Sources can be found at,

Binaries have been built for various platforms, up-to-date binary
packages are currently available for Fedora 7 (x86), Debian (x86/amd64),
and Cygwin.

For Cygwin, if you have previously installed Coda under cygwin it should
be just a matter of re-running /usr/coda/bin/setup.exe which is the
cygwin setup that can update your installation. If you haven't
previously installed Coda under cygwin you can download the following


The most notable fixes and enhancements are as follows,

* Avoid possible crashes and/or data loss when volumes are removed from
  and re-added to the client cache.
* Add configuration setting (detect_reintegration_retry) for Coda
  clients running in a VMM which prevents dropping reintegrated
  operations when the virtual machine is reset to an earlier snapshot.
* Do not assert on various non-fatal conditions (failing chown/chmod)
  that may arise when for instance the client cache is stored on a vfat
  formatted file system.
* During backups, avoid unlocking locks that may have been taken by
  another thread.
* Allow changing of the ctime/mtime of symlinks.
* Avoid a server deadlock by correcting lock ordering between ViceFetch,
  ViceGetAttr and ViceValidataAttrs (problem identified and tracked down
  with lots of help from Rune).
* SFTP bulk data transfers could unexpectedly fail because it was
  checking an incorrect retry counter.

* Improve tar support and add cpio archive formats for modification log
* Do not invoke server resolution on a single available replica.
* Add new incremental dump format that maintains full path information
  when converting the resulting volume dump to a tar archive.
* Add valgrind support to LWP.
* Simplify RPC2 retransmission interval calculation.
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