Coda File System

a hard to detect ceiling?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 09:03:43 +0100

I want to share my experience to make the other users aware
of a potential pitfall.

One of the "arbitrary limits" imposed by the current Coda implementation
is the number of directories per volume.

I was lucky to have been running an old client which happened to reach
this limit on one volume. Running in the "connected" mode the process
gets "No space on device" error. As I could create and write new files
in the volume, but not directories, I could soon figure out what
the problem was, is very helpful
in that respect.

volutil setlogparms <volid> reson 4 logsize 16384

(making the resolution log somewhat longer than the default 4096)
made the volume happy again.

A potential problem is that if this happens with a modern client,
then no error is returned from mkdir() but you get a conflict
several seconds later. Then it can be more tricky to guess what the reason was.

I wonder whether the conflicts, when expanded, could be made to contain
a reference to the actual error which led to the conflict.

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