Coda File System

A little bit of help required on realm setup

From: dhiraj_c <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 01:16:10 +0630

I have been working on coda since last 4 months or so. Previously I was working on the
older version of coda (5.3.20) and recently have switched to the newer version
(6.9.3-rc) provided by the Aetey Softwares.

I was able to install both server and client properly. I was even able to configure Mara
DNS (thanx to the documentation provided in coda.wikidev). 

But now my problem is don't know how do I get the realm working on client.

My configuration is as follows:

I have 2 servers one scm and one non-scm.

The scm server name is : server1 
and non-scm is: server2

I named the entry in DNS as because I want the realm to be named
( I also put the entry in mararc file for dns as and in file I added the entries for both the servers.

Also when I installed server1 I gave realm name as and in server2
as . Is this correct??

I installed coda client. But when I did cfs lv /coda/ , it gave me an error
"no such file or directory".

Well what I figured out was my client machine should know the ip address of the DNS
server. Where do I provide that? (to be frank I do not have a good knowledge of DNS as
of now).

Actually I want to have a configuration in which I have 2 coda servers with different
volumes on them under the same realm name and want the client to resolve the realm and
the server address to which it wants to connect to, via DNS only. Is this somewhere
documented on how to make this configuration?

I took some reference from the following mail archives, and I feel this is possible.

Hoping for a positive reply.

Dhiraj Chawla
M-Tech (CSE)

Students Mail Server @ IIIT Hyderabad.
Received on 2008-08-11 14:54:02