Coda File System

Re: CODA and crash recovery

From: Yves Dorfsman <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 17:06:04 -0600 wrote:

>> single server setup (one server for file sharing, mail, web, etc...) and I 
>> want to keep to a low power configuration, so I do not want to distribute 
>> the functions to different server, therefore my server needs to also be a 
>> client.
> It is perfectly possible to have a client on the server machine,
> and in fact very convenient for administration. E.g. volume creation
> implies both server-side (creation) and client-side (mount point creation,
> acl setting) operations, handy to be able to do on the same machine.
> You just have to be prepared to the client going disconnected
> once in a while and as the result also having somewhat higher probability
> of creating/encountering conflicts.

So is this the only risk of doing client operations on a server ? If I 
understand you well, the risk is that once in a while I'll be working in 
disconnected mode, which in itself is not a huge problem since everything 
will right itself up once the connection establish itself again, right ?

I just need to make sure I "hoard" everything, right ?

The description on the wiki seems a lot darker than that.

> As soon as your 6 users learn how to clog you may just skip any adjustments
> on the clients. Think, no more tweaks in fstab!

I never use tweaks in fstab, just use automount with NFS.

>> I might look at it again later, there are a lot of things I like about it, 
>> but right now those two issues are show stoppers.
> You are welcome back to the Coda club anytime :)

Ok, assuming client operations on the server are not as bad as I thought, 
and that I am able to quickly put a script to copy my UNIX auth into the 
CODA database + hack a pam script to automagically login, I'll give it 
another try.

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