Coda File System

Re: Move the SCM ?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 07:41:05 -0400
Hi Yves,

On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 10:54:51PM -0600, Yves Dorfsman wrote:
> If I replicate my volumes over two or three machines, and the machines 
> which acts as the SCM dies of such a bad death that I don't want to 
> re-create it, can I make one of the other server into the SCM easily ?

Keep in mind, you will have to recreate the server anyway,
with current Coda you can grow replication status of the volumes
and the number of servers, but you hardly can reduce them.

Coda survives server downtimes gracefully but it is not feasible
to run a "reduced" realm indefinitely.

Otherwise, it is really easy to migrate SCM,
this implies an update of the "scm" file on all servers and their restart.

> My other thinking here beyond death of the server, is upgrade, I like to 
> move my "main server" between two physical machine, so I can upgrade the 
> "second one", and if the upgrade works, I transform it into the primary 
> machine, and eventually shutdown the other one until I go through the same 
> procedure the other way around. If I use my main server as the SCM, I will 
> have to transfer that function too.

Not really.

You do not have to have the "SCM" machine up for normal usage,
it is necessary for administrative changes only, like volume and account
creation and password changes.

So you can take SCM down for maintenance without disrupting the file service.

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