Coda File System

Server keeps crashing after conflict resolve attempt

From: Janusz Krzysztofik <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 08:21:51 -0400

After I have tried to resolve a local conflict, my server has crashed. 
Now it keeps crashing just after the client reconnects. My SrvLog ends with:

13:09:21 --PO: 1000003.8cfd0.c04d2
13:09:21 Entering VFlushVnode for vnode 8cfd0
13:09:21 Entering ObjectExists(volindex= 2, (467e7.c04d2)
13:09:21 ObjectExists: NO object 467e7.c04d2
13:09:21 ****** FILE SERVER INTERRUPTED BY SIGNAL 11 ******
13:09:21 ****** Aborting outstanding transactions, stand by...
13:09:21 Uncommitted transactions: 1
13:09:21 Uncommitted transactions: 1
13:09:21 Committing suicide now ........

and SrvErr ends with:

[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "sftp1.c", line 396:    SFTP_GetRequest()
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "sftp3.c", line 1391:    sftp_vfclose: fd was 
already closed.
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "rpc2a.c", line 1125:    RPC2_InitSideEffect()
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "sftp1.c", line 430:    SFTP_InitSE ()
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "rpc2a.c", line 1136:    RPC2_CheckSideEffect()
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "sftp1.c", line 458:    SFTP_CheckSE()
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "sftp1.c", line 487:    0x6a3540[924, 0]: 
[13:09:21]ServerLWP-8: "sftp3.c", line 1391:    sftp_vfclose: fd was 
already closed.
Assertion failed: 0, file "", line 305

I had similiar problems several times before and managed to restore the 
operation by reinitializing the client cache. This time I would prefere 
keeping all the changes waiting for reintegration. Is there a way to 
skip the error provoking operation without purging the client cache?

Received on 2008-05-27 10:46:44