Coda File System

Re: Coda on Ubuntu 7.10, RPC2 failing

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 16:38:59 -0400
On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 11:17:14AM -0700, Andy Valencia wrote:
> I have the Coda client up and running (tested against CMU's playground).
> And I have the server at least approximately installed.  Which is to
> say, the installation instructions work fine and all the expected
> startup messages are emitted.  When I try to use the "au nu" command,
> after a timeout interval it returns:
> vandys_at_deepthought$ au nu
> Your Vice name: vandys
> Your password: 
> RPC2_Bind() --> RPC2_NOBINDING (F)

What are you trying to do here? Log in with your admin credentials, or
create a new user?

If you are trying to log in for the first time, the default password
would be set to 'changeme', and you probably would want to log in using
'clog vandys_at_my.local.realm'

If you are trying to create a new user then you have to first add the
user's identity in the pdb database (essentially Coda's version of
/etc/passwd and /etc/group) and once that is done you can activate the
account and set a password with au nu.

On the server run,

    pdbtool nu vandys

And then on the client,

    au nu
    Your vice name: admin
    Your password: admin_password
    New user name: vandys
    New user password: whatever

> In the syslog I see:
> Apr 22 11:13:48 deepthought RPC2[21007]: ICV check failed: spi 5f827d63, seq 4, src

When rpc2 is unable to validate the checksum of the incoming packet it
complains loudly. When the wrong password is typed, it will also fail to
validate because don't actually send the password across the network,
but try to decrypt incoming packets based on a hash of the password.
(and with an incorrect password the key is wrong).

So it isn't really an RPC2 error, it is just that that is the place
where it is detected.

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