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From: Gregory Machin <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 11:45:34 +0200
I'm looking for a way to mirror data between to servers.
Where both servers have the same services configured but only some are
running on the one
and the remaining are running on the other .. Should one server fail all
the services become active
on the one server , and once the issue is resolved and the server is
back online the services are split up again. This Is easy enough with HA
But I need both servers to mirror each others data, in real time  so
should  one  go down the other is ready
to take over, and the process is transparent to the clients / users. And
when the failed server is started up
again the data is resynchronized  then the services are brought  on line

Eg server 1 provides smtp , pop3 , imap
   server 2 provides mysql, http, dns

If server 1 fails or goes off line server to takes over all roles mysql,
http, dns and smtp , pop3 , imap
If server 2 files or goes off line server to takes over all roles smtp ,
pop3 , imap and mysql, http, dns
so both servers have to be up to date with each others data, when the
off line  server comes back online
It needs to syn the difference for all the services that may have
changed mysql, http, dns, smtp, pop3, imap
and thus both servers resume normal services.

Can ocfs2 do this ?

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