Coda File System


From: Pierre LEBRECH <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 11:06:52 +0200

I have 2 CODA clients and 2 CODA servers (masters). One CODA client is
running well. The other CODA client had 2 conflicts.
I tried to correct these problems with no success. The try was with cfs
beginrepair or with the repair tool. Well, I'm a beginner with conflict

I solved my problem with this CODA client by shutting down venus and by
unmouting /coda. Then I ran a "venus -init". Everything went back OK.

But, I think it's not a good solution to completely restart venus just
because there are one or two conflicts.

Questions :

When I ran the repair tool, it told me to type in the pathname of the
failed object. I typed in my pathname and the system gave me this answer
: "Error beginning repair: pathname not leftmost". What does that mean?

So, when one CODA client is OK and another CODA client has conflicts,
how I can solve that? (without restarting venus)

Thank you
Received on 2008-04-16 05:09:50