Coda File System

Re: Files Bigger Than Cache Size

From: <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 13:29:18 +0000 (GMT)
On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Jan Harkes wrote:

>>>> Right, OK. The problem is that I'm hoping to use Coda for home directories
>>>> which contain anything from thousands of small files (Maildirs) to dozens
>>> A word of caution, maildirs can by easily filled by a mail storm
>>> or a busy mailing list, and break (Coda dirs are limited to 256K, see Wiki)
>> I just looked at that and initially thought that 256K files wouldn't be a
>> problem. Then I re-read it and the Wiki page on limitations, and the
>> implication is that this means between 2048 and 4096 files. This seems
>> rather low. Is there a work-around?
> Not really, besides frequently archiving high-traffic mailboxes. I still
> keep linux-kernel in a local disk folder, all others live in Coda. Some
> rotate every month, others about once every three months. I archive each
> months worth of email from a maildir folder into a compressed mailbox
> file. So I get the concurrent lockless access properties for recent
> email, but compact storage for older mails where it is not as likely to
> get write-write conflicts.
> A secondary benefit is that this way I can keep all email hoarded in my
> client cache and as such can access it when disconnected. Of course the
> sending replies part of email doesn't work during disconnection.

Is there a particular reason why 256K directory size is used? What code 
changes would be required to increase this to, for example, 64M?

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