Coda File System

a business case using Coda

From: <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 11:18:33 +0100
Hello All,

I believe it is on-topic for this list to present a startup company
which relies on Coda as the base for its product.

Aetey Global Technologies AB is a young Swedish company, founded 2007.

We deliver a desktop environment, consisting of free software,
which is runnable on any computer with Coda, without any extra
local adjustments. Today it needs a Linux kernel, but this limitation
is scheduled to be lifted.

Our work is to make updates and upgrades for the users in such a way
that they do not need to do any maintenance themselves.
We ensure also that our updates do not break functionality nor
influence the local computer setup.

In other words, we maintain software independently of the computer(s)
it is run on. No local files to tweak, no installation or uninstallation
is ever needed.

To make a comparison, it is as mobile and easy as web-applications, but
- without a need for a web browser (well, we even _deliver_ one :)
- with a wide selection of the now traditional free software, including
programs like Gimp and OpenOffice
- without a constant need for an Internet connection

All of this has become possible due to the qualities of the excellent
and unique file system that Coda is. A big thanks to the developers!

As a contribution to Coda development we distribute installers
for Coda clients and servers. We made them to be suitable for both novice
and experienced Coda users and Coda realm administrators,
which was quite necessary for a large scale Coda deployment.

Now it takes seconds to set up Coda clients and minutes for servers.


Thanks for Coda!

In case people on this list would like to play with our product
named Dapty (, get in touch with me.
Your feedback is of course very valuable which means your trial
will be free (not only one month as for the regular customers).

Best regards,
Rune, for Aetey Global Technologies AB
Received on 2008-01-31 05:20:10