Coda File System

Volumes and Filesystems

From: <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:53:54 +0000 (GMT)

Is metadata stored per volume or per cell? The reason I ask is because the 
limit of 1GB of metadata per cell seems rather low. If it was per volume, 
it would be rather easier to live with. Is this something deeply rooted in 
the way Coda works, or is it something that can be achieved by 
configuration changes?

On a separate note, codasrv seems to use 1GB of RAM (similar to the amount 
of metadata) by default, as if it were using a partition. This seems like 
a poorly chosen default. I found a reference in the mailing list archive 
to the mapprivate=1 setting in server.conf. Is there really a reason to 
not set this as default? The process still uses 1GB of virtual memory, but 
instead of being mapped into swap space, it now appears to be backed by 
the metadata file itself, which greatly reduces the memory pressures on 
the machine.

Also, more as a note to myself to mention something like this when I 
submit some information into the wiki, the vice-setup on the SCM doesn't 
appear to set up the root volume (it's in the config file, but something 
makes it not trigger, it would seem). The root volume is also named 
differently by default than what the existing documentation. The correct 
syntax seems to be:

createvol_rep / host.domain/vicepa

Finally, starting vice-setup several times (e.g. because the user 
supplied sizes for various things are in the crash-tastic territory) 
causes the server/id to be added to /vice/db/servers multiple times. This 
then causes codesrv to not start.

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