Coda File System

Steps for configuring SCM and Non_Scm server

From: <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:17:35 +0530 (IST)
Hi All,

I have starting working on coda for a new project of mine. Well for the
project, I need to configure coda on 4 desktop terminals, such that 1
terminal  would be an SCM server, while the other 3 would be Non-SCM.

First I tried with 2 machines, i.e. one is an scm while the other is a
non-scm server.

I have been able to properly install it and configure it, according to
what information i could obtain from codawiki, documentation and mailing
lists. But now i am facing a problem in which i am not able to start the
codasrv process on scm and non-scm server. They get killed after they
start. The problem lies in configuration. I feel I amd doing something
wrong with creating volumes. But I don't what is going wrong.

first i installed coda on both the machines.
then i configured server1 as scm and started processes auth2,rpc2portmap,
updatesrv and updateclnt.

following are the entries that i made accordingly in the files on scm server

server1  1
server2  2

server1  /vicepa ftree width=256,depth=3
server2  /vicepa ftree width=256,depth=3

E0000100 server1
E0000100 server2

then i configured server2 as non-scm and ran updateclnt and auth2.

hence the files successfully got copied to server2.

But when i ran codasrv on scm i am getting errors in SrvLog.
In SrvLog i get some error Bad VLDB. no VLDB! please create one.

Am I doing something wrong here in the configurations.

Can you please tell me where i can find proper steps to configure both scm
and non-scm servers.

My ultimate task is to create a distributed fileserver, such that the end
user need not know on which server his data is. all he need to do is
access the data. Also that data should be evenly distributed on all the 4
machines. How can i achieve this? does that me i have to create a volume
which is replicated to all the 4 servers?

Also I need an interface for end user to store and retrieve the data from
server. So to achieve this do i need to install a codaclient of some other
machine or can i have the end user store it directly on the server?

with regards,
Dhiraj Chawla
M-Tech (I-year) CSE
Received on 2008-01-17 05:51:46