Coda File System

Need some info on coda server configuration

From: <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 14:05:28 +0530 (IST)

I am new to coda. I have this task to create a large file server of around
400 GB for storing images (on an average of 300 KB) for research purpose.

To achieve this I want to use Coda filesystem for this purpose. I have
already installed coda on 2 machines with 120 GB hard disk, for testing
purpose. One of the machine is server while the other is client. As of now
I have done basic configurations for both coda server and client,
according to the steps given in the documentation.

Thus I have many doubts and questions which I want to get clarified, so
that I have better understanding as to how should I go about to achieve my

1.) Does coda client also shares its disk space to store data? I mean, I
have to create a large file space of 400 GB using 4 terminals with 120 GB
harddisk each. So do how many servers and clients do I need to create to
have 400 GB space.

2.) Also, I read some of the older threads, which says to create multiple
servers to have large disk space. How do I create those? Are there any
proper steps given somewhere in the documentation.

3.) How can I relate rvm metadata size and disk space size? Now as I want
a 100 GB disk space on terminal, what rvm configurations should I do to
achieve this?

4.) Do I need to create 3 partitions on coda server or 2, i.e. one for rvm
logs, one for rvm metadata and one for data files OR one for rvm logs and
other for both rvm metadata and data files in single partition?

5.) During configurations of coda server, the script asks for a question

What is the size of you data partition (or file)
[22M, 44M, 90M, 130M, 200M, 315M]:

which relates to some disk space as i understand. Now 315 M stands for
some 8 GB space. Does that mean I can use at max only 8 GB of my disk
space? What exactly does this mean?

Thanks in advance,

with regards,
Dhiraj Chawla
M-Tech (CSE)
Received on 2008-01-04 04:02:23