Coda File System

Re: Kerberos broken in Coda 6.9.2?

From: Sven Gaerner <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 10:18:43 +0100
On Friday 28 September 2007 15:07:47 mkondrin wrote:
> Hello!
> I tried to upgrade my Coda installation from 6.0.12 to the latest 6.9.2
> I use Coda with Heimdal-Kerberos but can not compile this release on
> linux (Slackware 11, kernel -2.4.33, glibc-2.3.6)
> The first error I had encountered was missed header <netdb.h> in
> krbcommon.c (without it function gethostbyname couldn't be found). But
> this was not the end. After I'd fixed the header the compilation
> stopped at :
> snip


I also tried to build the Debian binaries on Ubuntu 7.10 with Kerberos 
support using MIT Kerberos. Unfortunately the same error occurred.

I'm trying to set up a system to serve the home directories for notebook 
users. Therefore I'm trying to use Coda with Kerberos support and PAM 
integration. When the user logs in a PAM module should try to get a Kerberos 
ticket and then pam_kcoda can use this ticket to authenticate against the 
Coda server.

I would like to know if there are any hints that helps me to fix the 
Kerberos support?
If not, should I wait for the modular clog binary?

Thanks in advance.


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