Coda File System

Crashed server fails to restart

From: Martin van Es <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 12:56:14 +0200

My (single) server crashed the other day, and now my volumes are in kind of a 
messed up state. The server quits with the following message (in SrvErr log):

Assertion failed: 0, file "", line 1782

The problem is, this is kind of a catch-22, because even if I'd wanted to 
purge all volumes and start from scratch I would need a connection with the 
vice daemon, but that refuses because of errors in the volumes (I guess). So 
in the end there is nothing left but to reconfigure (it's a Debian server) 
the coda-server package and start all over again.

This is not a life-threatening situation, it's all a test setup for me to find 
out how useable coda is. Like I said before on this list I do like it a lot, 
however at the moment I would hesitate to implement this in even a small 
production environment with 'shortcomings' like this.

An 'offline' low-level volume repair or purge utility would be indispensible I 
think. The mutual dependancy is unhandy to say the least ;)

Hope anyone finds my feedback of any value!

Martin van Es
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