Coda File System

Repair problems

From: Martin van Es <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 12:48:28 +0200

My name is Martin van Es and discovered coda some time ago in the comments of 
a slashdot article about unattended backup/caching solutions. I have since 
then been experimenting with coda and am quite surprised about it's 
performance and design goals!

The one thing the keeps bugging me are (un)intentional repairs. Since I have 
only 1 server and only 2 clients I'm pretty sure it's a local/global 
inconsistency but I have not been able to execute a successful repair. The 
version of coda I use is 6.9.2 from the debian stable repository on both 
client and server.

I know for sure that some files in a certain dir in a non-root volume are 
inconsistent. Coda however marks the this complete dir as inconsistent using 
the symbolic link method. cfs br dir does what it should do and I can look at 
or save the global/local contents. The problems start with repair.

I can start repair and 'beginrepair' the directory. looking from another shell 
I see the 'repair' status, containing the local/global structure and repair 
tells me this is a directory repair. When I do a comparedirs /tmp/fixfile 
repair tells me of exactly the inconsistent files I was expecting and I tell 
repair to remove the _localhost copy. This ends with a remark telling me the 
Name/name conflicts still exist. Then I do a dorepair /tmp/fixfile and repair 
fails with the following output:

repair > dorepair /tmp/fixfile
VIOC_REPAIR failed on cached: Invalid argument
Repair failed.

('cached' is the name of the inconsistent directory, because I hoarded it).

This is the contents of the fixfile:

replica localhost 7f000001
        removefsl adres.vcf
        removefsl adres.vcf__0
        removefsl adres.vcf__1
	[repeat of more copies removed]

replica [removed] 01000002

And this is the contents of the temporary file created:




[repeat of more copies removed]

I'm surprised about the non-ascii characters at the beginning of the lines, 
could that be a locale problem?

I've tried cfs purgeml and removeinc as well, but to no avail.

Last debug info: I do this as non-root user that has rlidwka rights on 
the 'cached' dir and volume and having a valid token all the time.

Anybody any idea what is going wrong, or what I should do?

Martin van Es

Received on 2007-09-10 07:09:21