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Re: can't repair conflict

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 08:47:33 -0700
On Thursday 30 August 2007 8:07:48 am Greg Troxel wrote:
> repair > beginrepair [filename redacted]
> Error beginning repair: pathname not leftmost
> beginrepair failed.
> I can't find the filename in venus.log or console in /usr/coda/etc
> Restarting venus did not change the behavior.
> Any clues?  In a few hours I'll purgeml and restore the ciphertext from
> the cml tar file.

I have been having some repair problems on NetBSD also.  I've been working
on getting repairs working on Windows XP and have finally understood the
"pathname not leftmost".    That error message is not really that clear, but what
it means is that the path name you gave does not end in an object in conflict.
The code is looking for one of the special symbolic links that points to a FID.
If the code finds either something in conflict in the path or that the last element
of the path is not in conflict, then it gives the "pathname not leftmost".

I finally fixed that problem in Windows XP when I found an improper symbolic 
link lookup in the kernel.   So now Windows XP can repair.  This will be available
in the next release.

As for NetBSD, I suspect that there is a similar bug lurking.    I've been able to
reproduce the problem very easily.

doe[6]$ cfs markincon adir
        DANGER:   this meddles with the version vector and can trash the object
        Do you really want to do this? [n] y
        Fools rush in where angels fear to tread ........

doe[9]$ ls -l
total 1
lrw-r--r--  1 root  65534  29 Aug 30 08:40 adir ->

doe[10]$ repair adir /tmp/fix
Error beginning repair: pathname not leftmost
beginrepair failed.
You must do "beginrepair" first
You must do "beginrepair" first
There is no repair session to end.

The following is on windows:

coda3[24]$ uname -a 
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 coda3 1.5.24(0.156/4/2) 2007-01-31 10:57 i686 Cygwin 
coda3[25]$ ls -l adir 
lrwxrwxrwx 1 Administrator None 43 Aug 30 08:41 adir -> 
coda3[26]$ repair adir /tmp/fix 
Directory repair session started 
Available commands: 
Repair actions performed on have succeeded. 
Repair actions performed on have succeeded. 
Repair session completed. 
coda3[27]$ ls -l adir 
total 1 
-r--r--r-- 1 Administrator None 6 Aug 14 16:22 What.txt 

I'll look into this problem today and see if I can fix it.


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