Coda File System

gcodacon not working under pkgsrc

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 09:06:37 -0400
gcodacon is very nice, and works fine on NetBSD (current, i386) when I
build coda from CVS and put it in /usr/local/coda.  I'm trying it with
6.9.2 built from pkgsrc.  Coda seems to be fine - I can get tokens,
read, write, reintegrate.

fnord gdt 244 ~/%co/SOFTWARE > gcodacon --debug 
bad mariner command 'set:volstate                                                                    '

Note that there really are 68 spaces after volstate before the '.
I can't find where this is printed in gcodacon.
Received on 2007-08-06 09:08:18