Coda File System

ip address changes and other administrivia

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 15:33:47 -0400
Just a heads up,

-- IP address changes for telemann.coda and marais.coda

CMU is reshuffling it's internal ip-address ranges and the webserver,
Coda testserver and one of the Coda root servers will change their
ip-address the next time they are rebooted.

I'm going to force a reboot for these machines tonight, probably around
9PM eastern time, rebuild the VLDB/VRDB databases once the new DNS
records have propagated.

We currently have no reliable way to force Coda clients to revalidate
the cached volume information so they will try to reconnect to the old
ip addresses. I'm using this address change event to tests the usability
of some possible methods in which clients may in the future receive a
notification to revalidate cached volume information. Web/ftp/cvs/git
service will probably be unreliable for a while until Coda is back up.

If you are having trouble connecting to or
the realm after 10PM eastern, (cfs checkservers will
report that one or more servers are unreachable), you could try,

    cfs checkvolumes
	This marks all volume mountpoints as stale and forces
	revalidation of the cached volume information the next time path
	traverses into a volume. A hoard walk doesn't use path traversal
	so you would have to run 'ls' for each volume that may be cached
	by your client. I tried it in a test setup and it seems to work,
	Codacon shows that we are making new GetVolumeInfo rpc2 calls
	when we look up cached volumes. However the kernel's directory
	lookup caches may in some cases be hiding the actual lookups
	from venus so some volumes may still be missed.

    restart venus
	This also marks all volume mountpoints for revalidation and
	because we unmount /coda the kernel's caches are cleared and it
	can not hide lookups from venus.

    reinit venus
	Just in case there is still a reference to the old ip address
	somewhere in RVM, this really clears out all old state.

-- Git history rewrite

Another change which probably will not affect as many people. I imported
the full Coda history from CVS into a git repository and will be
rebasing (history rewriting) the current coda.git branches onto the new
root. Right now I still have to switch back and forth between cvs and
git when I want to see why some change was made and having the full
history available in both cvs and git repositories will make it more

If you have cloned the coda.git repository but have no local changes, it
is probably easiest to just clone a new copy. If you do have local
changes it will be slightly more tricky because you need to rebase your
local branches onto the new root, contact me on irc or through email if
that is the case and I can walk you through the steps I took to migrate
my own work.

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