Coda File System

Building a coda "appliance"

From: Yan Seiner <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:36:35 -0700
I'm trying to build a pair of coda "appliances" - basically embedded 
boxes with a VPN and coda server/client, each acting as a samba server 
to its network.  The goal is to have two identical replicas of the same 

One side would be the server, the other would be the client.  Otherwise 
the boxes would be identical.

I've got coda built and installed, and now I'm trying to map out my 

The hardware consists of a 200 MHz ARM CPU with 32 MB of RAM.  The data 
consists of approximately 300 GB of CAD files.

Is this enough RAM?  Can the RVM metadata be kept in a swap partition or 
do I need physical RAM for it?

Also, how should I structure this so that all the data is available to 
both sides, even in the event of a VPN failure?  (These boxes would be 
pretty much on opposite sides of the globe, so I can't really be sure 
the VPN will be available 100%.)  This means that the client would have 
to actively hoard all the data?  Is that practical?  Or should I use a 
different approach?

I would welcome any pointers or help.


Received on 2007-06-27 14:00:20