Coda File System

server failure simulation

From: Jakob Praher <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 12:37:57 +0200
hi all,

i am having a working installation of 2 coda servers.
one is the scm and the other is a replication.

i successfully copied data to the coda mount point and saw it getting 
replicated on both vicepas.

now before using it for something productively i thought about testing a 
failure sceanrio. so i stopped the replication server. indeed i could 
use the mount file.

so i tried to copy data onto the mounted coda partition. IMHO i thought 
that it gets copied to the online server and later replicated to the 
server when it is online again. but nothing happened. the client stuck 
with the cp command and the vicepa of the online server did not change 
at all (using df-h).

so i canceld the command and tried to put the second server online 
again. that worked. but after refreshing the client services I got the 
following log messages:

[ X(00) : 0000 : 12:28:23 ] Coda Venus, version 6.9.1
[ X(00) : 0000 : 12:28:23 ] Logfile initialized with LogLevel = 0 at Thu 
Jun  7 12:28:23 2007

[ X(00) : 0000 : 12:28:23 ] E StatsInit()
[ X(00) : 0000 : 12:28:23 ] L StatsInit()
[ X(00) : 0000 : 12:28:23 ] *****  FATAL SIGNAL (11) *****

12:28:23 Coda Venus, version 6.9.1
12:28:23 /var/lib/coda/LOG size is 2706432 bytes
12:28:23 /var/lib/coda/DATA size is 10821456 bytes
12:28:23 Loading RVM data
12:28:23 Last init was Wed Jun  6 13:02:41 2007
12:28:23 Last shutdown was clean
12:28:23 Starting RealmDB scan
12:28:23        Found 3 realms
12:28:23 starting VDB scan
12:28:23 Fatal Signal (11); pid 3301 becoming a zombie...
12:28:23 You may use gdb to attach to 3301

What failure szenarios do really work?

As a second thing: in my scenario i do not really need acls, since i am 
only interested in using coda for shared data and i am having firewalls 
  such that only privileged hosts can access the file servers. can i 
somehow configure the volumes such that everbody can access them without 
the need to do clog? are there some good pointers i can rtfm for this case.

if i get the above to work, coda is really cool!!!
thanks in advance
-- Jakob
Received on 2007-06-07 07:14:27