Coda File System

discrepancies in coda documentation

From: PROYECTO SOLIDARIO (Eric Van Buggenhaut) <>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 15:18:27 +0200

I volunteer for a NGO and we have 4 offices spread all over Spain.

For the past month I have been trying to setup replicated coda servers 
between these offices, to let the workers access the same documents.

Until now it's been unsuccesful, first of all I think because of 
discrepancies between documentation. I mainly looked at:

All documents refer for example to the venus-setup script, which isn't 
shipped in cmu's debian packages, and I didn't find alternatives to it.

Also some documentation (linuxplanet) tells me to edit the VSGDB file 
which I can find on my systems (/vice/db/VSGDB)

So when I try to create replicated volumes like

createvol_rep codaroot E0000100 /vicepa

I get:

Server E0000100 not in servers file

Last but no least, some doc indicates the use of:

cfs lv / cfs uk

to mount/unmount shares

and other mentions:

cfs mkm / cfs rmm

What is the (c) True Path ?

Thanks for your help

Eric Van Buggenhaut
Proyecto Solidario - Dpto. informático
Received on 2007-05-24 14:15:09