Coda File System

Re: problem reading files from coda when disconnected

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 08:21:18 -0400
    - the "primary" user from /etc/venus.conf

What I do is to set primary user to my uid in venus.conf, and then run
hoard as myself, with tokens.

Perhaps debug printfs in venus when hoard operations are denied would be

All in all, you're beating on coda pretty hard and it's doing well.  I
suspect that Jan can fix the cached ACL bugs - it's agreed that what you
want to do is reasonable and a bug that it doesn't work.

I use 

function h. () { find . -type f | time xargs md5; }

to do provoke caching files, but have also done xargs cat > /dev/null,
which matches what you did.
Received on 2007-05-02 08:23:06