Coda File System

Using ACL

From: S. Cance <>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 23:17:08 +0100

I am trying the many options of coda and there is a lot of things I 
don't understand.
I hope someone can enlighten me.

I'm trying to use ACLs

when I do a 'cfs la /coda/' (which is the / 
volume) or any subdir of the volume
i get :
# cfs la /coda/
/coda/ Connection timed out

but i also have :
# cfs la /coda
      System:AnyUser  rl

(I'm authed as admin)

I also would like confirmation about the quotas to be sure. Each volume 
has only one quota value ?
If so, I really don't understand since each volume is on its own 
physical partition.

there is something else I don't understand, I created a ext2 partition 
(mounted on /vicepa) on which my / volume is stored.
Can I access this volume files via /vicepa (I don't have anything else 
than the FTREEDB file) (on the server).
If I can't why using ext2 ?

can I access local volumes on the server without using a coda client ?
If I can, could it be an issue for reintegration of files ?

I think I don't have a clear understanding of the coda mechanics, I read 
the wiki and many other pages, but it is not enough for me to understand 

Stephane Cance
Received on 2007-02-23 17:20:59