Coda File System

volume creation issues

From: <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 17:07:43 +0100
Hi all,

apparently multiple new coda realms are setup at different places.
That's a good news.

I am not going to comment the questions or the suggestions for reliable
volume creation, partly because my setups differ substantially.

But - I see that most if not all admins experimenting with Coda tend
to give their volumes "nondescriptive" names.

The names look of course descriptive to the creators, when there are
few of the volumes. A year later you may find yourself with hundreds
of volumes (you don't want huge volumes, for many reasons).

I'd like to remind the fellow admins that Coda volume names may contain
'/' and that the names corresponding to the volume mount point are
easiest to handle and maintain.

Like volumes
"/"          being the root volume of the cell
"/home/foo"  for the user "foo" files
and so on.

That is of course not mandatory but some time later you will be glad
you followed the convention. Like many other things it is hard to appreciate
in advance.

(Note that the approach implies also a certain discipline on directory name
allocation - you do not want to move your data around later.
Global file names in Coda are like URLs in the web, each moved item leads
to some references (bookmarks, links, paths) becoming broken. No good.)

Cheers, Rune
Received on 2007-01-26 13:32:32