Coda File System

venus crashed my data are zombies !

From: François Cerbelle <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 23:05:18 +0100 (CET)

It is my turn. I have a problem :
my only server is a dedicated server in a data center. I installed it and
everything seems to be OK at server side.
The clients are at home (yes, I use codaFS through the Internet).

I wanted to put a lot of important files from my home client on the
server. I began to do a massive move of the files. As it offen happens, my
client got Replicated/writedisconnected. It does not matter. But when I
wanted to reintegrate.. Everything became wrong.

without being logged in (cunlog) :
cfs  cs : All servers are UP
cfs lv /coda/* : Permission denied for all volumes
except for the one with the problem and it tells me :
replicated/disconnected, 4914 CML pending !
cfs la /coda/* : some perms for every volume
except for the one which has problem : "Connection timed out" (wrong, the
network is good and I am still connected on the other volumes)

I clog as admin (the root account for my coda) and :
cfs reconnect : nothing happens
cfs wr /coda/sd.../users/* : list me the volumes without any other
cfs fr /coda/sd.../users/natalia (the problematic volume) : only one line
of answer : 4914 CML entries remaining for volume u.natalia
it does not reintegrate

when I try to enter the directory, it seems not to be able to get the ACL
back (and certainly all the meta), and tells me :
Permission denied

When I connect from another client, the directory is desperatly empty, the
ACL are good for the admin and for the owner, everything is OK

I began to dig in the cache directory with "file", "find" and "grep", but
there are 27000+ files in 6+ Gb !!! :'(

Does someone have an idee to synchronize the corrupted data (certainly
meta) and force the reintegration ? or at least gain access to the


Francois Cerbelle
Bat. B10 - 6 r d'Andilly - 95600 Eaubonne
SFR: (+33/0) 603 015 512 - FBX: (+33/0) 871 777 756
Received on 2007-01-17 17:08:56