Coda File System

Not able to write on /coda

From: Achim Stumpf <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 11:00:32 +0100
Hi list,

I have installed on FC5 the following packages on the client:

On the server:

It is installed on two different hosts...

I have done the installation as it is described in

That should be the most uptodate documentation.

I am able to start the client and connect it to the server. And then it 
behaves a bit strange, because i am not able to write on /coda.

For example:
In the installation of the server I have created a user called "coda" as 
my superuser.

# clog coda
username: coda_at_clusty1
Unable to resolve addresses for Coda auth2 servers in realm 'clusty1'
Invalid login (RPC2_FAIL (F)).

like that it works:
# clog -host clusty1 coda
username: coda_at_clusty1

If i try to list my token:
# ctokens
Tokens held by the Cache Manager for root:

like that it works:
# ctokens @clusty1
Tokens held by the Cache Manager for root:
        Coda user id:    500
        Expiration time: Wed Dec  6 11:47:38 2006

Why behaves it like that. As mentioned in the documentation it should 
work with "clog coda" and "ctokens"!!! Why does it not???

# cfs lv /coda
  Status of volume ff000001 (4278190081) named "CodaRoot"
  Volume type is Backup
  Connection State is Connected
  Reintegration age: 0 sec, hogtime 0.000 sec
  Minimum quota is 0, maximum quota is unlimited
  Current blocks used are 0
  The partition has 0 blocks available out of 0

Here I get "Volume type is Backup". In the examples one gets "Volume 
type is ReadWrite". Why is that???

If i invoke:
# cfs la /coda/
      System:AnyUser  rl

I have no System:Administrator like in the online Documentation:
# cfs listacl /coda
System:Administrators rlidwka
            System:AnyUser rl

If I invoke the pdbtool on the server:
# pdbtool
pdbtool> list
USER System
  *  id: 1
  *  belongs to groups: [ -2 ]
  *  cps: [ -2 1 ]
  *  owns groups: [ -2 ]
USER coda
  *  id: 500
  *  belongs to groups: [ -1 ]
  *  cps: [ -1 500 ]
  *  owns groups: [ -1 ]
GROUP System:AnyUser OWNED BY System
  *  id: -2
  *  owner id: 1
  *  belongs to no groups
  *  cps: [ -2 ]
  *  has members: [ 1 ]
GROUP System:Administrators OWNED BY coda
  *  id: -1
  *  owner id: 500
  *  belongs to no groups
  *  cps: [ -1 ]
  *  has members: [ 500 ]

Here the server tells me that i have got System:Administrators!!!

So it does not surprise that I have no write access on /coda. But what 
did I miss. I have installed it already several times with different 
versions and always i get the same thing as described.

How I get coda working properly for me???

Thanks a lot...

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