Coda File System

FreeBSD-6.1 kernel patches

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 16:38:48 -0500
Here are the 3 kernel patches I needed to get Coda up and running on
FreeBSD-6.1. They should apply cleanly against the Coda kernel source in
/usr/src/sys/coda, if the patches are saved as patch1/patch2/patch3, the
following should work,

    cd /usr/src/sys/coda
    patch -p1 < ~/patch1	# Avoid crash when opening /dev/cfs0
    patch -p1 < ~/patch2	# Make sure nmount completes successfully
    patch -p1 < ~/patch3	# Open container files from a file descriptor
				# instead of a device/inode number pair
    cd /usr/src
    make buildkernel
    make installkernel

There are also a couple of other changes needed for Coda's userspace. My
attempt at using setpgid broke the freebsd build and we have to use the
new nmount system call when we want to mount /coda. These changes have
been pushed to CVS.

Received on 2006-11-08 16:42:22