Coda File System

Re: a few more build buglets in 6.1.2 on freebsd 6.1-release

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 18:50:41 -0500
> thanks for the confirmation on those tweaks. unfortunately i seem to
> now be getting hung up on a known freebsd bug --
> where venus causes a kernel panic. at least i can be sure its not the
> stuff i changed :)

Interesting, the backtrace in that report seems less than useful. I
actually hadn't heard there even was an issue on freebsd.

> is venus support in freebsd still actively maintained? any thoughts on

Not really, I guess I can see if Shafeeq can have a look at it, or I'll
just have to learn freebsd kernel debugging. Probably not that different
from working on linux stuff, and on the plus side they have an in-kernel
debugger which may make life easier.

On Linux I'd probably find some old version that does work and then use
a binary search to pin the problem down to the commit that introduced
the breakage. The Coda kernel code probably hasn't changed much so the
problem is most likely caused by some change in the vfs or mm code.

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