Coda File System

Re: First Coda Installation

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 12:57:09 -0400
On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 04:55:12PM -0600, Stéphane Zanoni wrote:
> I just ran through vice-setup and I didn't receive a magic command.
> Is the documentation outdated or did I miss something?  The
> User/System Admin Manual mentions using a createvol_rep command, but I
> don't I have all the information needed to complete my installation.
> Congratulations: your configuration is ready...
> Shall I try to get things started? (y/n) y
>  - Coda authentication server (auth2 &)
>  - Coda update server (updatesrv)
>  - Coda update client (updateclnt -h
> Creating /vice/spool
>  - Coda file server (startserver)
> coda0:/ #       

The basic configuration is ready, however the initial root volume did
not get created. So I assume the server startup failed somehow. Check
/vice/srv/SrvLog and possibly /vice/srv/SrvErr. My guess is that the
server was unable to resolve it's own name to a usable ip-address, i.e.
it either couldn't resolve it's own hostname, or got the address of the
loopback interface (

This is a fairly common problem, we used to just continue from here and
the volume would seem to get created correctly. However if the server
thinks it's own address was, the created volume could not be
accessed by clients. A client asks for 'volume location information',
receives the address and is unable to connect to the volume at
that address (since it loops back to the client).

If it is the hostname resolution problem the fix is fairly simple. Edit
/etc/hosts, remove the servers name from the loopback interface and add
a new entry which has the server's real ip-address and hostname. Then
restart the server with the 'startserver' command and if it started
successfully (File Server started message in /vice/srv/SrvLog), create
the root volume by hand with 'createvol_rep /'.

I think that is really all that is needed.

Received on 2006-10-21 12:58:58