Coda File System

Coda-6.1.2 released

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 16:03:43 -0400
Coda-6.1.2 is available for download,

Source, Debian packages, and FC5 rpms at,

The main reason for this release was that although RPC2-2.4 is drop-in
compatible with previous versions, it did manage to break the Coda build.

The reason is that the Lua scripting in rpc2 provided such a powerful
alternative for to the libfail library that I removed all the libfail
related bits from the rpc2 source. Coda's applications haven't linked
against libfail for a long time, however there were still some left over
#includes in the source.

To make this release more than just the remove of 5/6 lines of code, I
also pulled a couple of easily applied fixes from my development branch.

There are no changes to the Coda servers, and only some minor ones for
the Coda client. RVM layout has remained unchanged, there is no need to
reinitialize your client.


* ======== Release 6.1.2 =========
* Use ssize_t for return variable from read(2) and write(2) in
  mkcodabf. (Phil Nelson)
* Remove unnecessary rpc2/fail.h rpc2/fcon.h includes.
* Release parent when an assertion triggers, this avoids locking
  out a user during the boot when venus's RVM layout has changed.
* Remove unnecessary parent recursion code when a conflict is
  detected, this is done by the server now.
* Don't return permission denied when we check for file existence.
* Account file data when reporting CML size in cfs listvolume output.
* Prevent chown on virgin files to prevent reintegration conflict.
* Lower number of piggybacked attributes in ValidateAttrs to 15.
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